Store of the Year,

Nomination criteria for category Store of the year:

  • Has been in the business for at least three years and has submitted at least one annual report showing profitability.
  • Is creative and professional, and attentive towards the customers, making them feel comfortable and attended to.
  • Actively contributes to the growth of the contact lens segment
  • Tends to employees to create a good working environment.

Unique criteria for 2021:

  • Retained or grown your contact lens business during the last year.
  • Worked actively with contact lens category and made contact lenses visible in the store, e.g. campaigns, trainings, had a clear plan for working with contact lenses.
  • Adjusted your business in order to meet the fast-changing consumer buying behavior (due to effects of Covid-19), e.g. subscription on contact lenses, webshop, proactive communication to consumers etc.
  • Adjusted working situation for your staff in order to meet the fast-changing consumer buying behavior e.g. adjusted store routines, trainings, any other kind of support etc.
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