Key Take Aways from NCLF 2019

To see the Key Take aways from the speakers at the Nordic Contact Lens Forum 2019, click the link to download the pdf.
Download here: NCLF2019_KeyTakeaways.pdf

Topics and Speakers

Myopia Management

Erik Robertstad
Erik Robertstad BScOptom FAAO is a practicing eye care professional from Tønsberg in Norway. He is a pioneer in fitting children with special focus on myopia management. Erik will talked about his clinical work using the variety of interventions available and covering how working with both children and parents is a rewarding experience.
John Phillipps
Dr John Phillips PhD MC Optom FAAO is Principal Investigator of the Auckland Myopia Laboratory in New Zeeland. Research in this group includes clinical research into childhood myopia development and progression and also research into the physiological processes which control eye size, which normally ensure that as the eye grows it remains emmetropic. Dr. John Philips talked about his research in this area starting more than a decade ago and take us through the learnings over the last ten years into what we know today.

1Day Silicone Hydrogels

Lyndon Jones
Professor Lyndon Jones PhD FCOptom FBCLA FAAO will take us through the last 20 years of siliconehydrogel from entering the market to where we are today. Which problems did we solve with siliconehydrogel and did other complications reemerge? What are the pros and cons of siliconehydrogel between the first generation of materials to where we are today, and how has fitting practices changed with the introduction of different modalities and the variety of products available today?
Karen Walsh
Karen Walsh BSc(Hons) MCOptom PGDip FIACLE is currently a Clinical Scientist at the Centre for Ocular Research & Education in Waterloo, Canada working together with Prof. Lyndon Jones. This presentation following Prof. Lyndon Jones looked at both clinical and consumer research of the clinical practice surrounding daily disposable silicone hydrogels.

Multifocal contact lenses

James Wolffsohn
Professor James Wolffsohn PhD FCOptom FBCLA FAAO from Aston University UK talked about the science behind the development of optical designs in multifocal soft contact lenses. What may be the technical reasons for differences in patient satisfaction and measurable clinical outcome? Will we have objective means to predict fitting success? And where do manufacturers need to focus their attention to produce even better products for the future?
Peter G. Ivins
Peter G. Ivins BSc MCOptom Dip is an eye care professional from Glasgow, Scotland running his private practice with extensive clinical and commercial experience. Peter Ivins talked about clinical practice in fitting multifocal lenses and working with presbyopic patients. What are the barriers for success, and are they originating from the patient or the fitter? How much can we do with the products available and how do multifocal lenses add both clinical and commercial value to the practice?