Nordic Contact Lens Forum 2019

The Nordic Contact Lens Forum is returning to Stockholm and will take place at Stockholm Water Front on the 27th of April 2019. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your ticket!

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Videos from NCLF

Now you can enjoy videos of the speaker presentations from NCLF, all speakers are now uploaded in this post. Presentations from following speakers: Shelly Bansal Philip Morgan Lovisa Pettersson & Fredrik Källmark Pete Kollbaum Nick Dash Fredrik Skavlan & Elena Garcia Rubio  

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FridaRit key points

It’s absolutely amazing how beautiful key points drawn by FridaRit can take you back in time, back to NCLF and all the wonderful speakers. Enjoy and don’t forget to share all of your newfound knowledge with your colleagues & friends!

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Nordic Optical Awards 2018

Thank you all for an amazing gala evening at Nordic Optical Awards 2018!

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Nordic Contact Lens Forum 2018

A short recap from Nordic Contact Lens Forum 2018.

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Best Store

Congratulations Tori Optiikka, Hämeenlinna (Finland) Stavanger Optikk, Stavanger (Norway) Stage Optik, Vordingborg (Denmark) City Optik, Stockholm (Sweden) For winning in the category Best Store!

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Best Optician

Congratulations Ann-Caroline Sinisalo, AC Optik, Lovisa (Finland) Erik Roberstad, Interoptik Holt, Tønsberg (Norway) – Olaug Skröppa representing Erik tonight. Jesper Druskeit Leth, Nyt Syn Jesper’s Optik, Næstved (Denmark) -Carsten Berg representing Jesper tonight. Anna Svärd, Synsam Nordstan, Göteborg (Sweden) For winning in the category Best Optician!

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Best Sales Person

Congratulations!   Satu Järvinen, Optikko Kirkassilmä, Forssa (Finland) Marianne Libak, Carisma Optikk, Elverum (Norway) Michelle Thuesen, Stage Optik, Vordingborg (Denmark)- *Charlotte Stage representing Michelle tonight. Yvonne Molin, Tells Optik, Visby (Sweden) For winning in the category Best Sales Person!

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