Nordic Optical Awards

Nordic Optical Awards 2020

Nordic Optical Awards was founded to recognize extraordinary achievements within the contact lens industry and to further develop and strengthen the contact lens business in the Nordic region. The four nomination categories are:

  • Optician of the Year
  • Sales Person of the Year
  • Independent Store of the Year
  • Multiple practises Store of the Year


Winners of the awards for best optician, sales person and store of the year will be presented during the gala dinner in Copenhagen, 25th of April 2020.

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Gala Dinner

Welcome to an evening out of the ordinary! Nordic Optical Awards 2020 is wrapped up with an exclusive gala dinner with selected food and entertainment in Copenhagen.

During the festivities, the winners of Nordic Optical Awards 2020 will be announced and recognized. Make sure not to miss the event of the year!


Winners 2019

Best Sales Person

These sales persons have a high skill set, great clinical expertise and they give a great customer experience

The Winners Are:
Denmark – Susan Kjeldberg, Kontaktlinse Instituttet, Aarhus
Finland – Satu Kervinen, Helsingin Optiikka, Helsinki
Sweden – Helena Heidenborn, Smarteyes Jönköping City
Norway – Vera Margareta Havn, Carisma Optikk Grue, Kirkenær (representant accepting the award)

Best Independent store

These stores really take it to the next level in their local market.

The winners are:
Norway – Optiker-K Ski, Ski
Finland – Optikko Arvola, Helsinki
Sweden – Tells Optik, Visby
Denmark – Kontaktlinse Instituttet, Aarhus

Best Store – Multiple Practice

Inspiring store concepts, working through multiple channels combined with cutting edge retail innovations where some of the reasons these great stores won!
Sweden – Holmquist Optik Synsam, Örebro
Finland – Instrumentarium Itis, Helsinki
Denmark – Lous Nielsen, Grenaa
Norway – Synsam Mojord & Thoresen, Fredrikstad

Best Optician

The clinical expertise and know how of these winners are remarkable, truly impressed with the dedication and high level of engagement with these professionals.
Sweden – Anna Rosendahl, Ringdahls Optik, Stockholm
Finland – Jarkko Vilén, Optinäkö, Turku
Norway – Mette Finnebråten, Sola Optikk, Sola
Denmark – Anja Karlsen, Kaj Jensen Optik, Hirtshals (A colleauge accepting the award)

The Winners 2019

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