Fredrik Skavlan

Our inspirational speaker this year is renowned TV-host, Fredrik Skavlan.
Speaking in public are among the most common fears for people in general. If you consider this, Fredrik Skavlan might be the bravest person in the Nordic countries. Fredrik has had Scandinavias most popular talk show for over 20 years now. It started in Norway and then Sweden. Today “Skavlan” is shown in Norway, Sweden and Finland

So how does Fredrik get his international superstar guests to relax and give up so much about themselves? And were does Fredrik get his own peace of mind? In his talk, Fredrik draws parallels to the work situation for most people and how we often experience stress at work, in social forums, meetings with clients, job interviews and presentations.


Host: Sarah Morgan

When you think of Sarah Morgan and have experienced her on stage, you almost tend to forget that she is an experienced optometrist – because she has so many other skills. She is a musician, a singer, an actor, a comedian, a world renown speaker, a communication expert, and on top of all that she still has a passion for optometry and contact lenses. Sarah will be our moderator for the day at the NCLF, and make sure that we are both trained and entertained.

Philip Morgan

As director of Eurolens Research Professor Philip Morgan is known for numerous publications, and has presented at clinical conferences all around the world. Contact lens drop out is an industry wide problem that inhibits growth of the contact lens category, and Professor Morgan will guide us through the science and the research around the many reasons behind contact lens drop out.

Elena García Rubio

Iberia started in 2013 with a limited launch of MiSight, and Elena runs one of the most successful clinics fitting children and managing Myopia. To some fitting children with contact lenses is still guarded with misconceptions, but Elena will share why this area is something she is passionate about, and how their clinical practice around myopia management has developed.

Shelly Bansal

Working in his own private practice since 1994 Shelly has developed his business with a strong focus on fitting contact lenses, and with a patient database of more than 15.000 they specialize in all areas of contact lenses. The answer to contact lens drop out is working actively with retention management, and after Philip’s presentation he will present how they work to minimize contact lens drop out.

Pete Kollbaum

The proliferation of digital devices in our lives has significantly increased symptoms of digital eye fatigue, as professionals we are obligated to understand the causality and learn how we best can identify symptoms and subsequently try to alleviate them for the patient. Dr. Kollbaum has done extensive research in the field of digital eye fatigue, and will present the latest insights, as well as pointing toward the actions we can take to better counsel the patient.

Fredrik Källmark

Dr. Fredrik Källmark is leading the only dedicated dry eye clinic in Sweden, and one of very few in the Nordics. Dry eye is a multifactorial condition that affects a lot of people in various degrees, many of which go undiagnosed and untreated. Dr. Källmark has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of dry eye management, and will share how optometrists can make a difference in clinical practice.

Nick Dash

Myopia progression and Myopia management is a theme you can hardly avoid at any clinical conference. It is important to have an overview on where we are in understanding the drivers of myopia, but maybe even more important to understand what we can do about it. Being both an academic and still seeing patients in practice, Nick is guiding us through the latest research and calling us to action, with a mission to change the future for the foreseen tidal wave of emerging myopes all around the world.

Lovisa Pettersson

Lovisa Pettersson MSc Optom is spending most of her time working as Professional Service Manager for CooperVision in Sweden, but she still is working part-time as a researcher at Karolinska Institutet, specializing her research and PhD on diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. Lovisa and Fredrik will share the scene in a co-presentation on dry eye management, covering both theory and practice.